The benefits are endless, but here’s a few.

Weight Loss

Bikram yoga addresses quite a few aspects of weight loss, as well as improved exercise and stress reduction. For the simple reason that Bikram yoga increases the pulse rate, your body then works to keep thermo-regulation, escalating calorie expenditure without the force on joints of further calisthenic work out regimens like jogging. Bikram yoga also helps to amplify oxidation of fat cells.

Muscle and Joint Pain

Several joints, particularly the vertebrae, discontinue lubricating as effectively when a person enters into their thirties. Bikram yoga promotes joint lubrication that may alleviate common feelings of stiffness and soreness, both re-actively and pro actively.

Mobility and Flexibility

Cold muscles tend to be more likely to tear while stretched. Bikram yoga works on the principle that stretching warm muscles is more effective and lets the practitioner progress deeper into poses. Since stretching is an efficient way to increase flexibility, Bikram yoga may help increase ones range of motion, thwart accidental injuries in exercise, and help someone heal from prior accidental injuries.

Tension Relief

Exercise, deep breathing, and reflection have been revealed to cut back anxiety levels, and Bikram yoga combines all three. The psyche’s fight to concentrate on poses in a sweltering atmosphere distracts and distances from stressors. Lower stress levels allow for superior and easier sleep, which improves the immune system and reduces probability of injuries on the body. Lower anxiety levels on the whole reduce weight gain, cut possibility of illness and injury, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, as well as improves mood.

Immune System

Raising your core temperature simulates a fever-like environment in your body, elevating white blood cell production and fighting viruses and bacteria. Your body also makes additional interferon, which raises the production of antibodies. Stress weakens the immune system; as a result activities that lessen stress also reduce vulnerability to health issues.

Increased performance

Many athletes take up Bikram yoga to improve their levels of accomplishment in additional activities. Well-stretched muscle tissue have improved range of motion and are less at risk of tearing. Joints in good alignment are less pain-prone in high impact physical activities. The breath control of yoga improves execution in cardio and anaerobic activities.

But these massive physical benefits are just a “side effect” of this class. Bikram yoga benefits your body by harmonising the psyche with the body and ends in authentic quantum benefits. It has become an open secret that the determination in the mind has enabled individuals to attain extraordinary physical feats, which proves definitely the psyche and body relationship.

What is Bikram Yoga?  You’re going to have to try it to see for your self!

See you in the hot room.