Kate McNamara
Kate McNamara Owner | Teacher
My first experience of yoga was while living in Korea 2002. Having practically no fitness or sports background it was something so different and new for me but I was immediately drawn into a daily practice. After returning to Ireland I realised how much I missed my yoga. With some “gentle” encouragement from my brother who was doing Bikram in London I very cluelessly stepped into my first Bikram hot yoga class in Dublin 2004. It literally has changed my life inside out. For me the heat melts my body and allows me to let go of tightness and tension. I feel through the physical practice its possible to calm the mind and body. Bringing things into balance, better sleep, posture, flexibility, mood, eating habits and learning to take better care of myself. You find your strengths and weaknesses in the hot room and learn to enjoy your own company.

There have been many times over the years I have walked away from class leaving behind a worry or stress, feeling lighter and stronger for taking class. I've seen many people deal with major life challenges, recover from illness, depression, injury, reduce stress, manage weight issues and so much more through taking the time to take care of themselves.

I graduated in 2005 and spent the following years teaching and traveling in many amazing countries such as South Korea, Sweden, USA, NZ, Aus before returning home to open Bikram yoga Cork in 2011. The staff and students are the heart and soul of Bikram Yoga Cork. Seeing happy smiling faces walk out the door after a tough but fulfilling class is the biggest reward for me.

3 Words that sum up Bikram yoga for me?

Honesty, Patience & Peace
Dia Silverstein
Dia Silverstein Teacher
What is your advice to students who struggle with any of the challenges of Bikram yoga?

Celebrate the small victories and progress from class to class, week to week, month to month. But at the same time, when you have a tough class try to see it as just part of the process rather than a defeat. There will be ups and downs (big ones sometimes) and it's a great lesson to take each class with equanimity rather than letting your "performance" in class define how you feel about yourself for the rest of the day. Yoga is a practice, not a performance. :)

Sum up Bikram yoga for you in 3 words.

Managing challenges gracefully.

How has Bikram changed you/your life?

Doing this yoga practice has made me physically healthier and stronger. I know I'm doing something that will allow me to age gracefully and maintain healthy mobility, joint health, and muscle tone as the years go by. I'm fitter and healthier now than I ever was in my twenties. Teaching this yoga has taught me a tremendous amount of compassion and empathy for others. We never truly know what another person is going through since we only ever see a very limited picture of other people and their struggles.

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Dia graduated Training Spring 2011. Originally from USA has taught mainly in Massachusetts, Dublin, and Cork.
Rosie Lawlor
Rosie Lawlor Teacher
What was your first experience of Bikram yoga?

When I first began I couldn't even hold my arms over my head I lacked physical strength but very quickly I realised that with consistency and regular practice, none of these postures were impossible or beyond my reach and I could develop my practice if I applied myself.

What is your advice to students who struggle with heat or balance or flexibility etc?

To feel challenged or to struggle at any point in the class whether it's the heat, balance or flexibility, is a good thing. To be challenged and peservere is to develop strength both mentally and physically. So embrace challenges, take charge mentally and just keep breathing.

Sum up Bikram yoga for you in 3 words?

Life, Escape and Acceptance.

Rosie originally from London graduated in 2012. Since then has taught in London, Limerick, and Cork. She says "I love the determination, strength and commitment of my students here and find the general lifestyle and laid back pace of life"