“I started Bikram Yoga last year, as an added dimension to my training. While it is strenuous, I like that it challenges me and I find it rewarding. They instructors at the Cork Bikram Yoga Centre are experienced and are willing to answer any questions. Flexibility is an important part of any person’s exercise regime and yoga aids me in that respect . I like the idea that you are working out while you relax. Sometimes I need to slow down. We are all constantly rushing around trying to balance things including training, work and relationships. Bikram Yoga allows me to escape for a while. It’s a way to unwind and switch off. I really enjoy the time for myself in the hot room and have seen a great improvement in my flexibility in a short time.”

Anna Geary-  Cork’s Camogie Captain 
Jan 2014
“Preventing injuries is the main benefit I get from Bikram yoga as my flexibility,balance and posture has improved so much since I started doing it.Its like a 90 minute mediation class which helps me to become more aware of my thoughts and how far I can push my body.I always leave each class feeling energised with an overall feeling of well being. I find the instructors excellent, friendly and very approachable. Also my sleep and concentration have improved. Definitely it has helped me grow as a person and live more in the present moment everyday! I cant recommend it highly enough, its challenging but so rewarding”

Niall McCarthy – Cork Hurler
Dec 2013
Bonnie C

Its amazing, after suffering from serious pain from a car accident, I used to dread the winter and the cold it brought to my bones! Not since discovering Bikram… try it! Such friendly & helpful staff too.

Donie C

Following a car crash I was on pain medication for 18 months and attending Physio twice a week. I was pretty skeptical about trying Bikram Yoga but eventually gave it a go. Since I started Bikram in April 2012 I haven’t had one session of Physio and my neck and back pain’s gone. I cannot recommend Bikram Yoga Cork highly enough!